Football Jackpot (Colossus Bets)

Football Jackpot (Colossus Bets)

Football Jackpot (Colossus Bets) offers pool betting games which requires you to select the results (both exact scores and outcomes) of sporting events. Amounts staked will be placed into Football Jackpot pools and winning players will share the relevant pool proceeds. 

Football Jackpot offers minimum guaranteed prizes on all pools which ensure that winners have the chance to win a significant payout whatever the total amounts staked. 

Football Jackpot offers more than just pool betting games. At certain times during a pool (for example, after one of the selected matches has finished), you may be offered the chance to 'Cash Out' any 'live' tickets (in full or in part) by selling them back to Football Jackpot through a unique Cash Out process. When you Cash Out, you will be paid the Cash Out value and you will bank this regardless of what happens in the remaining legs of the bet. If you Cash Out a part of your ticket, you will bank the Cashed Out value for that part and for the part of the ticket you choose not to Cash Out, you still have a chance to win a corresponding share of the prize funds for the pool if your ticket is successful in the remaining legs. 


For more details on Football Jackpot and the available Nairabet "markets types", please view the attached file:


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