What is meant by "Patent" ?

A Patent consists of 7 possible bet combinations involving selections in 3 different events. The bet includes 3 doubles, 3 singles and 1 treble.

A single is a selection of just 1 event, a double is a combination of 2 events and treble is a combination of 3 events.

E.g You place a patent bet on games A,B and C.
Let's say your stake is N50, please note that your total stake will be 50 X 7 = 350
This is so because your stake is charged separately for each possible combination and winnings are credited for each correct combination as well.

Your combinations would be arranged thus:

3 singles
A X 50 = Winnings
B X 50 = Winnings
C X 50 = Winnings

3 doubles
A*B X 50 = Winnings 
A*C X 50 = Winnings
B*C X 50 = Winnings

1 Treble
A*B*C X 50 = Winnings

Just one successful selection guarantees a return.

An example of a patent bet is displayed in the attached picture


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