What does VFL mean, how does it work ?

Betting on virtual football league is the same as betting on normal football matches. The only difference is that the matches in virtual football league are not played by real human beings. They are computer generated.

Please use the link below for detailed information regarding the Virtual Football League.

In the VFL, each half lasts for 1:30secs and there is a break of 10 seconds between the first half and the second half.

So a VFL match would take 3mins + 10secs interval = 3mins 10secs

After each VFL match, there is a post match interval of 1 min after which the next VFL match would commence.

There are 16 teams particilating in the VFL and each team would have to play 30 games(15 at home and 15 away) in a complete season.

In a day (24hours), 11 VFL seasons are completed.

Below is a breakdown of VFL statistics for a day.

If each half takes 1:30, a match would take 3mins + 10secs interval = 3mins 10secs

3mins 10secs + 1 min post match = 4mins 10secs + 10secs post match day = 4mins 20 secs (260secs)

260secs X 30 VFL games (1 season) = 7,800 secs (130mins =2hrs 10mins)

A day has 1,440 minutes, 1,440/130 = 11 seasons


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