Why was my bank withdrawal payout reversed ?

Please note that bank withdrawal pay outs are reversed for 2 main reasons.

1.  When the name on your nairabet account is different from the name on the bank account you paid out to. To have your withdrawal/pay out request successfully processed,kindly make sure the names on your bank account is the same as the first and last names on your nairabet account. 
At least 2 names must match on both accounts for any pay out to be successful.

2. When you attempt withdrawing your deposits, please note that deposit withdrawal is not allowed.
You are expected to place bets with your deposits and withdraw from your winnings.  You cannot withdraw any amount of money you have not won. 
A nairabet account does not operate like a bank savings account so you cannot deposit funds in your account and attempt withdrawing the funds back.

So if you deposit N10,000 into your nairabet account and place bets with N4,000 and lost leaving you with a balance of N6,000. The N6,000 cannot be withdrawn but if you place bets with all or part of it and receive winning returns, you can pay out your winnings.


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