How do I register on ?


To become a member of and place bets, you must first register for a free Nairabet account. 

Here's how to get started;

Kindly visit  and click the 'Register' button, or go directly to this link:

* Please ensure you fill all fields. 

Username: please make use of a unique username and if the system rejects the username, it means another NairaBet customer is making use of it. Kindly try another one until the system accepts it.

Password: Please fill in the password you want to log in with. It should be something you can remember and cannot be easily guessed by other people.

Confirm Password: Please fill in exactly what you filled in the password field. 

Security question: Kindly select one of the security questions in the drop box and provide a precise answer to the security question selected.

Nationality: Please indicate your nationality.

Currency: Indicate your currency.

Sex: Select either male or female.

Mobile No: Please fill in your mobile number in the basic format (E.g. 08087654321) Please avoid leaving spaces, using hyphens or any other special characters. 

Email: Kindly fill in an active email address which you have access to. You'll need it to activate your account.

First name: The name given to you by your parent.

Last name: This is the same as your surname. 

* Please use your real names (not your nick name or alias) this becomes relevant when it’s time to withdraw your winnings into your bank account. 


Date of birth: Please type in the day (E.g. 02), select the month from the drop down list and type in the year in full (E.g. 1980).

Country: Please select your country of residence. 

City: Input your city or state.

Address: Please put in your address, starting with your house number (E.g. 30 Nairabet Street).

Affiliate code- kindly ignore the affiliate code and proceed.

Finally, click the check box accepting our terms.

Check for any red text on the form, which usually indicates there is an error on that field.

If no errors, click the 'Proceed’ button.

Congratulations you have your very own Account. 

On the next page, you can proceed to fund your account.


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